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HUEA Consulting

A new initiative in 2020, HUEA is piloting a consulting program to help undergraduates gain professional experience and contribute meaningful work to companies and startups.

HUEA Members Have Consulted With
  • US conglomerate with $100B in annual revenue

  • Top-5 automotive manufacturer

  • Fortune 500 aerospace & defense corporation

  • Public $400mm revenue health & lifestyle corporation 

  • Town in Greater Boston, Massachusetts

HUEA offers our clients personalized and insightful recommendations, utilizing our partnership with the Harvard Economics Department and the talent of our members to provide impactful solutions.

Market Analysis

  • Industry Shifts & Structure

  • Competitive Strategy

  • Market Segmentation

  • Consumer Reports & Trends

  • Resolving Barriers to Entry

Business Operations

  • Growth Opportunities

  • M&A Target Identification

  • New Products and Pivots

  • Efficiency and Risk Management

  • Customer Concentration

Financial Solutions

  • Forecasts and Projections

  • Valuation and Modeling

  • M&A Deal Review

  • P&L Analysis

  • Revenue Diversification

  • Pricing Power

Technical Analysis

  • Extract, clean, and analyze data

  • Build data sets and conduct statistical analysis

  • Gather background information

  • Develop survey requests and data request documents

  • Evaluate policy impact

To establish a partnership with our team, please contact the team at

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