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Individual Round:

First: Andrej Elez (Montgomery High School)
Second (tie): Andrew Loevinger (Phillips Exeter Academy)
and Max Li (Hunter College High School)
Third: Anchi Xia (Lexington HS)
Quiz Bowl Winners: 

Nashua High School South A
Brandon Yan
George Eid
Rebecca Zhu
Dev Parekh
Runner Up:
Montgomery High School
Andrej Elez
Michael Wu
Arshan Hejazi
James Wang
Full Bracket can be found here.



Each year, HUEA organizes the Harvard Pre-Collegiate Economics Challenge (HPEC), a competition for high school students passionate about economics and its role in the world around us. HPEC challenges students through a series of individual and team rounds on economics knowledge at the Advanced Placement Microeconomics and Macroeconomics levels as well as economic news, history, recent research, and applications in a wide variety of fields such as education and the environment. In the past, students have found this competition to be fun and helpful preparation for the AP Economics exams. In addition to the Challenge itself, competitors and coaches will have the opportunity to build friendships with their peers, hear presentations from and interact with professors, graduate students, and real-world economists, and learn about the wider world of economics beyond the high school classroom. Feel free to email us below. We look forward to seeing you in April!

Coaches Manual:

  • The HPEC 2018 Coaches Manual can be found here.

Important Forms:

  • The 2019 Photo Consent Form can be found here.

  • The 2019 Liability Release and Contact Form can be found here.


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2018 Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association