The Harvard Undergraduate

Economics Association

The HUEA strives to create a more inclusive economics community on campus and beyond because we believe economics has much to contribute in making sense of the major issues and challenges that face our generation.

Impact Beyond Economics

The Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) is a forum for all students concentrating or interested in economics. To this end, HUEA provides academic, professional, and social support to undergraduates through student mixers and intercollegiate networking events, career and internship panels, and topical discussions with faculty and professional economists.


About Us

HUEA is the primary undergraduate economics group at Harvard, founded in 2000. We are an entirely student-run forum for all students concentrating or interested in economics. 

Our board consists of creative, passionate students committed to serving the economics community at Harvard and beyond. Through lectures, networking opportunities and competitions, we seek to engage the community in meaningful ways.

Harvard Pre-Collegiate Economics Challenge (HPEC)

HPEC challenges students through a series of individual and team rounds on economics knowledge at the Advanced Placement Microeconomics and Macroeconomics levels.


Harvard International Economics Essay Contest

HIEEC provides students the opportunity to demonstrate an accomplished level of writing and understanding of economic theory. Through the contest, students hone their academic and professional skills and exhibit their knowledge.

HUEA Speaker Series

The Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) Speaker Series fosters and facilitates dialogue between leading academic and industry professionals and the Harvard student body. It aims to introduce new perspectives and inspire discussion about pertinent and pressing topics.


HUEA Consulting

A new initiative in 2020, HUEA is piloting a consulting program to help undergraduates gain professional experience and contribute meaningful work to companies and startups.