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About Us

HUEA is the primary undergraduate economics group at Harvard, founded in 2000. We are an entirely student-run forum for all students concentrating or interested in economics. Our board consists of creative, passionate students committed to serving the economics community at Harvard and beyond. Through lectures, networking opportunities and competitions, we seek to engage the community in meaningful ways.

Executive Board
GenualdiSeniorPicture - Jake Genualdi.jpg
Jacob Genualdi
photo - Tony Huang.jpg
Tony Huang
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.57.28 PM - Jose Quiroz-Yanez.png
Jose Quiroz-Yanez
Chief of Staff
Mary Cipperman
Director of Operations
000picture - Sam Meacham.jpeg
Sam Meacham
Vice President of Programming
Z Erdos.png
Zakarias Erdos
Vice President of Competitions
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 1.51.21 PM.png
Johnathan Sun
Vice President of Technology
J Shi.jpeg
Joyce Shi
Vice President of Marketing
B37A9287 - Matthew Allana_edited.jpg
Matthew Allana
Vice President of Competitions
360067C2-619B-4E72-A430-DF4DF31197FF - Maxwell Booker.jpeg
Maxwell Booker
Vice President of Finance
IMG_7916 2 - Miles Wang.JPG
Miles Wang
Associate of Development
T Dave.JPG
Tirth Dave
Associate of Development
F Hippe.jpeg
Florian Hippe
Associate of Development
Melissa Wu
Associate of Programming
B Ayoub.JPG
Bruno Ayoub
Associate of Development
L Sun.png
Lillian Sun
Associate of Programming
S Pacchiano.png
Silvana Yarrington
Associate of Marketing
J Gallo.jpeg
Juan Esteban Gallo
Associate of Development
D Tran.jpeg
Darren Tran
Associate of Programming
E Liu.jpg
Evan Liu
Associate of Development
S Lam.jpg
Skye Lam
Associate of Finance
T Hanley.jpg
Talia Hanley
Associate of Development
R Bhargava.jpg
Rajan Bhargava
Associate of Development
A Gerstenhaber.jpeg
Alex Gerstenhaber
Associate of Technology
Headshot for Harvard - Alessandro Barbiellini Amidei.jpg
Alessandro Barbiellini Amidei
Associate of Finance
Past Presidents
2022 Spring
Ashlan Ahmed, Julia Manso

2021 Fall
Audrey Shine, Lara Zeng

Jack Li, Michael Yin

Daniel Bodea, Matthew Miller

Shangda Xu, Amy Zhou
Amy Zhang, Gillian Hess


Eric Yang, Nihal Gowravaram

Richard He, Ana Carell

George Zeng

Andrew Das Sarma, Jennifer Wu
Alumni Placement

HUEA provides its members great opportunities to strengthen analytical skills and build professional networks. Our alumni joined the following companies after graduation: 

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